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The Secret Sauce
Like I said earlier, I am called to be a bridge.

I’ve coached thousands of students, and have spoken all across the nation sharing the three things that contributed to my success.

This "secret sauce" has 3 ingredients.

I've tried to build a a legacy without these three ingredients and you know how that went...

...I was very successful in the short term, but then lost everything in the long term.

Then, I tried building a legacy with these three ingredients and everything changed...

...I was able to build my financial future on a foundation of stone rather than one of sand.

That being said, here are the three things that you need when building a generational financial legacy:
Ingredient #1: A BATTLE PLAN
Also, as you know I’m a Navy guy, so I use a few military analogies….

In the world of business, your battle plan is your business model. 

I’ve coached thousands of aspiring business owners over the past 10 years...

The common denominator with everyone I talk to is NOT that there’s a lack of potential business models or investment opportunities out there…

…the real problem is that there are too many!

Every day as we scroll through facebook and instagram we’re saturated with the latest greatest business idea or investment pitch...
After losing everything in 2008, I realized that choosing the right battle plan is not something to be taken lightly…

I’ll tell you from firsthand experience, there are A LOT more business models and investment strategies that DO NOT work than that DO.

When searching for the right battle plan, I had very specific boxes that it needed to check in order for it to be right for me:

And let me share something with you. I’m picky...

I did not want any old business or else I would have started an HVAC franchise or just invested in the stock market.

I want the BEST battle plan ever written.

And call me crazy, but I believe that God wants the absolute best for his children. Not third best, not second best.. But the best.

Jesus said: “whatever you ask in my name, this I will do”

Do you know what the word “whatever” means in the greek? 

That’s right.. It means WHATEVER.

I believe we’re not limited by God.. he’s limited by us… by the SIZE of our ASK.

So I decided to BELIEVE BIG and just ask for it all. 

Here’s what I asked for:

A business that…
    👍 …Is Extremely Simple
I don’t know about you, but I’m no rocket scientist.

And when I was starting out, I had absolutely zero ‘expertise’ and I definitely didn’t have 10,000 hours to put into something to become an expert at it.  
    👍 …Is Virtual
I’m a traveler. I have family all across this country.

I wanted something that I can monitor virtually, without it being tied to a specific location.
    👍 …Has a High Earning Potential
There’s a phrase that I love: “Minimize your input and Maximize your output.”

I did not want to just cashflow $5k per month and barely get by. That’s not freedom.

I wanted something that could create significant financial breakthrough.
    👍 …Runs Itself
I’ve seen so many ‘entrepreneurs’ work harder longer hours in their business than they did working for someone else. That is definitely not freedom.

There’s a phrase you’ll hear me say a lot: “set it and forget it.” 

The ultimate goal is to generate passive income. Financial freedom is when your passive income exceeds your expenses.
    👍 …Is Timeless
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a “fad-business” but I have had so many friends have massive success in the short term...

...just to lose everything in the long term as their particular business ‘went out of style’ or was replaced by the latest greatest thing.
    👍 …Is Recession Proof
Remember how I went $8.4 million in debt when the market crashed in 2008?

Yeah I definitely do NOT want to do that again.
    👍 …Is Easily Scalable
I do not like having a ceiling.

I believe God has put growth in our hearts.

I am the type of person that is always shooting for bigger, greater things.
    👍 …Is Proven & Time Tested
I saw an ad this morning that essentially said “Get rich by investing in crypto!”

My first thought was "how long has Crypto been around? Like 5 minutes?" 😅

That's no different than gambling!
    👍 …Has a Reasonable Startup
I don’t know how much you know about banks, but they do not like giving bankrupt people loans.

I did not have 5 million dollars to invest into a brick and mortar startup.

I needed something that I could get into for no more than $30,000.
    👍 ...Has Low Overhead
Do you know what I call a business that requires you to lease a warehouse and hire a bunch of employees? 

“Not fun”…
    👍 …Has a Fast Return
“Just work the business for 6 more months and maybe you’ll start to see a return.”

I did not have 6 months.

I was living in my father's extra bedroom with my family feeling like a loser.

I needed cash-flow fast.
    👍 …Helps People
There are two ways to make money.

(1) By taking advantage of people, or 

(2) by serving and helping people. 

As Christians, number 1 is not an option. That disqualifies about half of the business models out there…
    👍 …Is Fun
What’s more fun than helping people and getting paid for it!

Business should not be something that you have to endure.

It should be life-giving. It should be something that you learn to love!
    👍 …Is Not an MLM
Call me crazy, but I’m not a big fan of selling stuff to my friends and family.

We all know that one person in church to stay away from…
    👍 …Is Replicable
Being successful in business was only half of my calling.

I needed to find an opportunity that I can share with my friends and family and pass down for future generations.

Something I can share with YOU as we raise up an army of wealthy Christians!

Now you understand what I mean when I say “I'm picky.” 

My prayer was to find the single best business model in America for Christians like myself who are called to the 320 Lifestyle.

I believe I’ve found the best Battle Plan out there.
Ingredient #2: AN ARMY
I don’t care how good your battle plan is, if you’re rushing into the battlefield solo that is the fast track to failure and getting wounded.

Business AND battle are tough...don't try to do it all alone!
Not only do you need a winning battle plan, you need soldiers on your left and on your right to help you carry out the mission.

Your “army” is your community.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you are the product of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.”

That sounds nice and all, but is it true?

According to research, it is exceedingly rare (like less than 1% rare) for an individual’s income to significantly exceed their closest peers’ income.
Let me tell you a secret about myself. 

I am an introvert.

If I were subject to my natural whims and desires, I would fly solo and avoid community altogether.

Here’s what I learned when I lost everything: There is no flying solo in the Kingdom.

There’s a Kingdom principle in play here, that is just as true in business as it is in the church.

We are better together.

We need each other. 

What do you call one Christian?

A random person. 

What do you call two Christians together?

Here’s the problem…

*uh oh, Jeff’s about to say something controversial again* 

Let me preface what I’m about to say with this: there is no institution in our society today more important than the local church.

If you tell me that you’ve been hurt by the church so you just stay home and watch it on TV, expect a swift slap across your face.

That being said, here’s the truth:

When it comes to business, most Christians are weak.

What if there was a thriving community of high-level like-minded Christians, who are not just talking about Kingdom success…

…who are not spiritualizing their failure and inaction...

…who are not sitting around waiting for something to happen to them…

But who are fiercely DOING the things we talked about in this Declaration…

Who are LIVING the Kingdom 320 Lifestyle. 

How much faster would your progress be accelerated if you were surrounded by THEM, instead of people just make excuses…

In the next section I’m going to share the most valuable piece of this whole puzzle.
Ingredient #3: A GENERAL
The Bible says “plans fail when there is no counsel”

It took a $8.4 Million failure for me to realize how true that is.

In business, a “General” is an experienced, wealthy, God fearing mentor.

You can have the perfect battle plan and a strong army surrounding you…

…but without an experienced general to follow, that battle plan is worth no more than the paper it’s printed on.
Fun fact about me: I am fiercely independent. 

“If you want it done right, then do it yourself.” 

That is exactly the prideful attitude that led me to lose everything. 

Let me ask you a simple question: 

If you were walking through a minefield, would you want to do that solo?

Or would you rather follow someone who knows where the mines are?

This Kingdom Principle at play here is discipleship.

When I tried to build my business without discipleship, I was lucky in the short term, but then it all came crashing down.

It was a ticking time bomb. 

What I learned is that I do not need to be an expert, as long as I am following in the footsteps of somebody who is.

You can say I learned the value of having a General the hard way…

Keep in mind, It didn’t just cost me that $30k that I borrowed from my friend to hire my coach... also cost me the $8.4 million dollars that I lost trying to “figure it out myself”

Here’s the problem:

So many Christians understand full well the value of Godly business mentorship (I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here…)

I believe there are millions of Christians who are PRAYING and SEARCHING for someone to take them by the hand and show them how to live out their vision.

And If you do have a successful Christian General in your life who is willing to take you under their wing, then what are you doing reading this? Go and take them to dinner! 

If you don't have anyone like that in your life, that's okay too. Maybe we can help with that.

So to summarize, the secret sauce has three ingredients.

If you’re going to win the battle, you need:
  • A Battle Plan
  • An Army
  • A General

If none of this resonates with you… that's no problem, feel free to close out this page and move on.

If you already have access to these three ingredients and are just sitting around waiting for the stars to align… please, close this document and go take action.
But If you’re like myself 15 years ago, and are missing a piece (or three) of the puzzle, then feel free to click over to the next page…. I have good news.
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